School Programming

Programming can be for students or staff in the form of whole “Health & Wellness Days” involving several fun and educational, day long activities or can be shorter, time-slotted sessions in a classroom or assembly format. Programs are custom designed and tailored for the needs of each individual school. InsideOut Health + Fitness has been engaging and educating our community since 2005. We always welcome the opportunity to offer programs that serve to educate and inspire youth. We have seen over the years the benefits of introducing youth to our InsideOut Wellness initiatives with a central mission of encouraging healthy habits well into adulthood. Using our interactive, engaging and educational methods, we offer various health and wellness topics.


All of our programs are based on topics from the Health and Physical Education section in the Ontario Curriculum and help support schools’ to fill in the gaps. Student programs are geared to specific grades/ages.   School Boards We Have Been Working With: OFIS, TDSB, PRDSB, TCDSB   Recent School Principal’s and VP’s We Have Worked With: Michael Fellin, Michael Morris, Liz MacFarlane, Kathy Ribeiro, Andrew Howard, Mike Kennedy, Richard Walo, Troy Sotiroff   Recent Schools: York University, Ryerson University, Centennial College, Greenwood College, Crescent School, Toronto French School, Upper Canada College, Rolph Road Elementary School, Northlea Elementary & Middle School, Leaside High School, Charles E. Webster Junior Public School, St. Raphael Catholic School, St. Anselm’s, Mason Elementary and More   Testimonials

“The staff loved your workshop! They haven’t stopped talking about it. The few that missed your presentation regret that they selected a different venue. I thought it was important to do something with the staff that was meaningful, positive and energetic….something that promoted wellness while moving away from curriculum driven professional development.  You and your team hit the mark on every point…thank you!”

Troy Sotiroff , Regarding Teacher Program, Feb 2010

“InsideOut strives to consistently make a difference as an educational leader. I know that InsideOut provides great physical and educational activities not only to schools but to the greater community!”

Hon. Kathleen O. Wynne, Premier and Minister of Education, Oct 2009

To kick off our dance unit, the grade 4s and 5s invited the Inside/Out company to lead a hip hop dance class. The class included a fun, upbeat stretch, followed by dancing games and easy to follow step by step hip hop dance moves. The students were able to learn a new dance routine, exercise and experience the importance of staying fit and healthy in a fun way. The Inside/Out program was geared towards students abilities and allowed each student to show off their new dance moves in a variety of ways. By the end of the hour the students had  exercised,  learned new dance moves, and had a great time while doing it. Thank you to the Inside/Out program and everyone who helped to make this possible.”

E. Goodeve, Jun 2009

“InsideOut provided excellent instruction, helped students improve their day-to-day living, encouraged a healthy and positive attitude from the students and even improved the physical condition of some people almost overnight.”

M. Morris, Nov 2007


Our Programs



Seminars are 45min-1.5 hours in length. Sample topics can include: basic nutrition and awareness of balanced foods to complement a healthy diet, why we crave particular foods, tips on how to avoid overeating, foods that can help to increase brain activity and ways to improve overall health. As well, nutrition through the lifespan – how nutrition habits ingrained now will be beneficial throughout adulthood, the impact of nutrition on the body and the benefits of good nutrition in reducing risks of disease/illness.


Programs include Healthy Juicing and Recipes: Introduction to experiential learning and appreciation for the nutrients and ingredients that go into healthy eating. Getting creative with fun, easy recipes!

Mental & Emotional Health:


Educational sessions to raise students’ awareness of mental health and illness and reduce associated stigmas and misconceptions


Youth Leadership & Empowerment:


Features inspirational messages on character development and pursuing your passion! Themes of teamwork, healthy values, listening, empathy and respect are woven into these interactive activities.

Team Boot Camp:


Engaging youth in team-oriented fitness activities to cultivate creative, physical movements and games involving fun exercise


Instruction and Guidance from a Personal Fitness Trainer:


Personal trainers come to your school and lead students in various exercises and teach learning fundamentals of physical health. Students learn to raise body awareness and develop their motor skills.


Additional Programs & Activities We Offer Schools:

Body Image


Body image is an increasingly important topic for youth. Topics include personal confidence, social support and inner beauty. The presentation is tailored to your particular interests, but typically covers a positive and educational view of self-esteem, body image and media unrealistic portrayal of what is healthy.




Discussion and awareness about empathy and sensitivity issues to break down stereotyping and discrimination. Provoking conversation and first-person accounts of how to deal with peer group bullies. Class interaction and sharing may also be encouraged.